Jailed For Crime Not Committed

A woman was accused of killing her husband, his body was never found and she was sentenced. Years after serving her jail term, she found out the man is living with another woman.

She went and shot the man several times and he died for real this time around and she was re-arrested for the same murder of the same person.

As a judge, will you look at the case as a fresh murder or will you look at it as a crime she already served the term?

Someone asked this question and it caught my attention so I have to bring it to the right place where we can get correct answer from our Professional and unprofessional lawyers and intelligent people


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  1. Its a very serious case. The woman shouldn’t have taken the law into her hands. I think she should have reported the case to the authority concerned. But the world we live in is one where true justice is difficult to obtain. Given judgement in this kind of case requires a great deal of wisdom.

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