Akeju Oluwanisola confessed that nobody failed him for six years!

Akeju Oluwanisola is a LAUTECH graduate that published a post on his Facebook page and the story was picked up by major Nigeria online blogs including Naijaloaded and nairaland, which made the post went viral. In the said post, Akeju maligned LAUTECH and the Department of Pure and Applied Biology of the University in particular where

A recent development saw Akeju Oluwanisola surfaced in the University on the afternoon of September 5, 2019, to apologize for the pains that he caused everyone through his *fictitious writing* on how he paid back a lecturer that failed him for six years…..

He said that he fabricated the story and contents were not true but fictional. That nobody failed him, that nobody sent him away from the lab on account of not wearing lab coat, that he only had awaiting result in a practical course at 100 level, which he delayed to retake during extra year; that he had E in the course during his extra year; that nobody from department of Pure and Applied Biology was at the WAEC center with his wife or daughter to mark. In fact, he said it was a certain female lecturer from his former department that was at the center. But, why did he put Biology lecturer in his write-up?

He took responsibility for the article, but that he lied about its contents. That he was only writing to draw the attention of people to his postings on Facebook.

He said he came to seek restitution for what he did to bring the name of his alma mater to disrepute and the pains caused the Department and the lecturer(s) who he falsely accused of being a sadist.

He was received in audience by the university registrar and later on by the Vice-chancellor in the presence of the branch EXCO of ASUU. He granted an interview on the matter with documentary evidence.

He claimed that since the varsity withdrew his certificate, he had been under serious pressure from his parents, in-laws, friends and siblings to come out to denounce what he posted on his Facebook account concerning the said story and the reason why he came around to plead and seek forgiveness from the university that made him in the first instance, and from where he also got/met his wife!

The issue is being followed and would be taken up or revisited by the university senate as contained in the earlier release by the university. The chicken has finally come home to roost!


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