Sacked Sierra Leone SCOP, Edna Kargbo’s Lack of Good Judgement

The problem is not just that she went to show off in church. The bigger problem is this aberrant, twisted prosperity theology that is being passed off as what the message of Christ is. The T B.Joshuas, the Creflo Dollars, the Chris Oyakhilomes, The Adeboyes, and so many so-called pastors are cramming into the minds of their congregation that Christ is some kind of celestial bellhop and if you believe in him you can DECLARE and DEMAND him to give you material wealth, fame, prosperity and so on.

In this aberrant theology, your material possessions are proof positive of your faith in God. Your material possessions are most definitely signs of Gods blessing and favor.
In their view, God shows his blessings only by giving you more money, more houses, more fancy cars, etc. Nevermind that nowhere in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John does Christ tell us about his abundant material wealth in this world.

We also know that no one had more faith in Christ than his twelve disciples who spread his teaching. Yet, you can read the new testament cover to cover but you will not see one story of them boasting of material possessions as evidence of their faith. They were not wealthy. In fact, all of them were martyred.

Yet, you have these T.B. Joshua’s catering to the most deadly human sins of greed, avarice, and concupiscence as evidence of Gods favor and faith in Jesus Christ. Can you imagine????

So Ms. Kargbo, having bought into this aberrant theology hook line and sinker as have many Sierra Leoneans, saw no reason why she should not go testify about her material possessions as proof of the efficacy of the T.B. Joshua brand of Christianity.


Off she goes, with her appointment letters, house photos and other paraphernalia to testify. I’m sure, the perception of her behavior on the administration was the last thing on her mind.

I hear she has been placed on leave for her foolish behavior. Her pastor T.B Joshua is probably telling her that demonic forces are at play for her being relieved of her duties and not her own foolish actions. He may even say if she sows a little seed he can break the curse.

While Ms. Kargbo behavior was wrong, that is not the only troubling issue here. We should also be very worried about this dangerous twisted aberrant Christian theology spreading like wildfire by TB Joshua and co. A theology that glorifies greed, avarice, and concupiscence.
Those who follow their aberrant theology and think they are following Jesus Christ will have a rude awakening when they stand at the pearly gates of St Peter professing to be Christian’s only to be asked. What Christ were you following? Because it was surely not the poor carpenter Jesus of Nazareth.



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