Fulfilment Is The Real Deal

Driving a car is good. Owning a big mansion is a beautiful idea. However, from my little romance with life, I have come to understand that life is sweeter than honey as far as the purpose of living is known.

If you mind knowing, I quit working with a relatively huge organization sometimes ago, not because they are not paying well, but because our communication is turning sore. The communication keeps connecting me with the low self-esteem issues that I had when I was younger. This is an organization that I practically loved to work with on hearing about them. Yet, I quitted when I was not getting fulfillment there anymore.

The thing is that – we blossom when we work in an atmosphere of love doing what we do best. On the other hand, when the story changes, we should learn to let go. The core of your living should be to be fulfilled in what you do.

I have once worked as a barman earning less than 8, 000 naira in a month. This was a place where I was made to wash the walls when there were no clients coming around. I was literary made to flush the toilet after the wife of my boss younger brother finish using the toilet. Yet, I did this job for six months. Yes, six months. This was the year 2013 during the ASUU strike. Do you know why I stayed tune to the job? I wanted to publish my first book and there was no fund.

Fortunately for me, less than six years down the line, I was almost left with no copies of the third edition of the same book. Apart from selling some of my books, I have reached more than 1000 people with books for free. I am always happy doing this.

Not too long ago, almost all the policemen on my way to Ijebu-Jesa took a copy of the books including the filling station attendant where I bought fuel in Ile-Ife. Though, I had them in mass in my car boot for Readers’ Forum (A reading-based Africa Organization for students). I might not have made 1 million naira from the book. Yet, I am fulfilled.

Listen, the same inconveniences I faced back then make the lines of my stories today. In fact, these are the builders of what I do excellently well today. I beseech you, my readers, to stay on your dreams no matter what and always remember that fulfillment is the core thing.

Loving you is not an option, it is a must.
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