Discover Your Life Wire

Life wire is the coordination of great fashion of sophisticated arsenal for strength and purpose. Your life wire is your place of strength and purpose. Find it.

Science has it that for every form of an electron to come into stay, there would be an interconnectedness between the negative and positive wire. That is, your place of strength is the gross combination of the positivity and negativity of life. You choose how long to stand on each of the phases.

Therefore, when the going gets tough, the tough must get going. And always remember that hard lines never last, tough poets do. The beauty of life is in the glory of finishers and not quitters.

On your way to your life wire, distract distractions and remain focused on the goal. Discover the magic behind your zeal and stay connected to it. Again, until your education rubs off on your schooling, you will tarry to serve and work to annex other people’s vision in life.

You are not a poet struggling with lines, you have been blessed since inception to turn lines to verses and verses to poems. Find your calling.

Men are created for work and not just for jobs. The purposeful ones strive and create jobs for others on getting their base of work. Your work is your life wire and not your job. You can be sacked from your job not work. Find your strength and do your work.

You are not at any disadvantage. You have everything to get to stardom in you. Build your stadium and erect your talents. Furnish your talents and redirect your passion. Then, you will get there faster.

The truth is, when a builder builds a building, the building builds the builder. The challenges you are facing on your road to destiny today would become the content of your success stories soonest. Getting your place of fulfillment (life wire) is the core deed.

Listen, when you get to the place of your life wire, those who were not part of the process will buy and celebrate your products. So, why not tarry and have your products to see you there in the end? The search worth it.

Loving you is not an option, it is a must.

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