This Life, This Light.

Some of us have been to the dish of the socket,

We have been murdered in the mud of wounds. The dread leaves of cassava have been our shelter

And we have been tossed helter scatter in the sky. We have been condensed to rotten graves,

The needles of crocodiles have been our tearing winks. The knot, luck, and coin of life covered us to pan groove.

We swallowed away to wash way in bunglers’ pillow. Now, a wipe to the off white in time’s shell,

A narrative to rate the blue ball of life. This light would shine to rise, rise to shine

And bring us the depth glows of life. Amen.

Note: This poetry is dedicated to everyone who has decided to shine irrespective of all odds.

Loving you is not an option, it is a must.
i-ifetife i-write i-teach i-act i-lead


Written by raataataa

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