The Cry of A Graduate And Ex-Kopa. After a University Certificate, What Next?

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After a degree, what next?

After running to classes without illumination, sufficient seats and teaching aids to receive dangling lectures, what next?

After been squeezed in the realms of grades-agony in the hands of merciless lecturers, what next?

After toiling in hostels like rats-cages, dunghills, and prisons, what next?

After graduating from one of the best universities after a couple of strikes that rolled months away from us. Yet, After #19800, what next?

Some are still in the system carrying bags to classes to receive lectures in the day and memorize facts, figures, and jargons in the night. All is ” Schooling”.

Or, is it a curse to be a graduate or an ex corps member???

Maybe you can tell me the reinforcement and motivation that were bestowed on top-class graduates in the last convocations that can stand the strength of 60 million naira to be won by the next big brother Naija’s Iroko….

So what do you embrace? Education or Schooling?

Dear, Education is The Key and schooling is the Lock! Don’t be a schooled Illiterate. Be an educated literate. Discover your talents and passion. Develop yourself, initiate an idea, make it work and sustain it. If you are not different, you are not needed!

If you wait for the government to assist you, you will wait till eternity! If you wait till you get a government job, come and ask government workers in Osun state.

A word is enough for the wise, it is left for him to fill in the gap.

Embrace Education while Schooling!

Loving you is not an option, it is a must.
i-ifetife i-write i-teach i-act i-lead


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