Say No To Suicide

It is not funny to mention that suicide is becoming one of the famous trends among young people most especially students- claiming their lives to no remedy.

I was amazed and thrown into confusion when I heard that a first-class student committed suicide in one of the foremost institutions in the country. This is appalling.

Why do we have our students dropped into this dirty bucket? Why are they killing themselves? These are questions to be answered by shaping our consciousness home and abroad. Should we blame our educational system or the students for it?

Though, I have heard of many suicide missions that came to limelight because the students involved were on the verge of academic failure. But, what about high performing students who experience depression? Can this be connected to the failing system of Nigeria? Are the parents to be blamed?

Truth be told, Nigeria, her educational system, her people and other instruments have been observed to be problematic in one way or the other. Experiences that flow from students on campus from about their academic well being generally are not too fine. Maybe, an assembly should be called to ask students to tell their bitter campus experiences, then, we would be all aware of the problems.

It is however not good enough to have suicide as the last option. It is not! Depression has been said to be the cause of suicide. In the same vein, depression does not just occur in a day, it is gradual. It happens bit by bit. I think we need students to check on one another for consistent encouragement. We also need lecturers and educationists who would treat students like assets and not trashes.

I once heard that lecturers in educational institutions of some countries use to check on their students. In fact, some go as far as visiting their project students in their rooms to see how they are doing. Let us see the bright side of students and care for them.

Good enough, a lecturer has once taken my younger brother to the health center before, then after, I was called. We need more of this. Students need to be loved. Students of today are leaders and world shakers of tomorrow. The giants in the economic, political, educational and other sectors today were once students who sat in the classrooms and were guided by some lecturers.

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Also, fellowships and religious institutions should check after their members and not just carry rumors around about people. Let us love ourselves and ask questions rather than criticize from afar.

Personally, I have decided that no religious institutions, educational system, persons, etc. would have been buried in the soil of unhappiness. I would rather opt-out, talk about it than been depressed.

I plead with you my friend that you should choose happiness. If you are fat, people will abuse you that you are eating too much. If you are thin, people will abuse you for starving yourself. If you are intelligent, people would say that you are ‘too know’, if you are not intelligent, people would say you have poor intellectual know-how. If you are sociable, people would say that you are too common, if you are an introvert, people would say that you are too much of yourself.

So, there is really nothing that you can do to suite people. Then, why can’t you just choose to be happy regardless of what people say about you? Let us say no to suicide! Let us choose life.

Loving you is not an option, it is a must.
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