Dream Forward

Challenges are the foods that champions eat on the way to excellence. Your dreams become a clue of reality as far as you can see it and act it. On the way to getting to the top, make sure that your passion is not distracted by distractions.

It’s closely six years today that I have been sending Whatsapp broadcasts with the intention to inspire and push people to excellence. I have met many people on this voyage whose lives have been positively affected by my God-given wisdom. Cachet to God! The peak of it is that I have decided to remain focused on this trip.

Truth be told, you can only become what you see and how well you can adhere to the rules of consistency. Back then in the year 2015, I was at a paid seminar in Lead City University where I learned that it is wrong to do the same thing for five years without great results. Since then, I decided to be more focused on words, its beauty, and related activities.

May I tell you that your dreams are the containers of the contents of who you really are? People won’t regard your personality in connections with your course of study in school but your cause of study in life. Be sure of your dream and go for it.

The fact is that the road might be seemingly blocked at times, yet there would be a way when you desire to create one. In fact, some people would make jest of you, always be focused irrespective. The places we get to today are evidence of the people we met in the past. Be mindful of people you meet.

When you work out your dreams, be careful not to be troubled by dream killers. They are people who would not add to you but always looking for ways to subtract from you. When you are choosing a friend, choose someone who will multiply you and not otherwise.

It is amazing the fortunes that the art of writing has brought my way today. Then, when I started, it was all play. In fact, I once shared the story of how my first article was slaughtered by members of my editorial team in my part one days. I took on the gears and I did not relent.

My message for you is to keep striving until the end of the day. Being the fact that the end of the game is not the end of the day, always follow your dreams to the top.

Loving you is not an option, it is a must.
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