For every activity a registered user performs on naijadiscusion, there is a point reward attached to it. The point reward accumulated over a period of time can be used to purchase a raffle ticket to win one of ten (10) five thousand naira (N5000) naira monthly prize.

The raffle draw comes up once a month usually towards the end of a month. A recorded session of how the winner is chosen will be released for all users to see. The users with the winning ticket will be paid into the bank account on their profile.

We will increase the number of winners and the winning prize as this platform grows.

The reward point attached to each activity is listed below:

Instance Amount Limit
Points for becoming a member 100 -
Points for being a member for a year 100 -
Points for viewing a post 5 No limit
Points for viewing Quizzes 5 No limit
Points for viewing Polls 5 No limit
Points for logging in 20 Maximum once per day
Points for Approved Comment 10 No limit
Reacted to -post- with: %reaction% 3 -
Points for new avatar 50 No limit
Points for new cover photo 50 No limit
Points for new friendship 1 No limit
Points for clicking on link to: %url% 1 -