9 Practical Ways To Escape Poverty In 2020


Poverty is a choice and prosperity is a choice, you have the right to be rich and you have the right to be poor. Every man was born with the potential to be rich, no matter where he come from or how he was born. Poverty is not the lack of money in the pocket, but a lack of ideas in the brain.


No man was born rich neither born poor, we were all born naked and ignorant, but we are here to determine what to become. The great Bill Gates was not born with a dollar, but he decided to make dollars and he made it. Poverty is the state of the mind, the poorest man on earth is not a man without money, but a man without idea on how to make money.

If you can decide today to make money and become rich, there are nine steps you can follow to achieve your financial goal, rich people don’t have two heads or four eyes, they have what you have and you have what they have, you can decide how much you want to earn, how much you want to save and how much you want to invest, look at the nine steps to follow.

  1. You must believe that you deserve to be rich.
  2. You must believe that you have what it takes to be.
  3. You must believe that it is your responsibility to become rich
  4. Spend less than you earn
  5. Save 20% of your earning
  6. Invest your earning
  7. Read books on business and financial
  8. Associate with rich people
  9. Take courses on entrepreneurship and investment
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Written by Draj

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